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May 2, 2006

Follow up

Filed under: Marketing,Tips and Hints — Philippe Mesritz @ 7:55 am

Although this has to be one of the most obvious tactics in sales and to use strong referrels effectively, there are not enough companies that actually bother doing it. By not doing so, organizations lose touch with their customers and lose open opportunities. What is this elusive trick?

Follow up.

There. Its simple as you can see. Why is it that companies don't call back when a message is left? Why do they not respond to emails? Why do they leave contacts untouched for months and months? Truthfully, I can't tell you. There have been countless instances where I've left a voicemail for a company stating my interest and then did not receive a call back — a wasted sale and a lost proactive contact. When a customer calls you, call them back — whatever it takes.

In the case of a referral or lead, it is not quite as immediately critical as a proactive contact, but it is still imperative that you contact them as soon as possible. Many times, a referral has been given information about your products through either a sales touch or a customer and wishes to make a decision almost immediately. By not contacting them, you are losing a prospect who could easily be turned into a client.

A key use for lead or referral generating companies is to get customers who have been pre-qualified to be interested in your product or services. To optimize the use of these contacts that have been pre-determined to be open to purchasing your product, it is vital to follow up and contact them soon. The longer you wait, the less likely the prospect is to be interested in your company.

Follow up.

That is the trick and a very important tip to remember. Obvious as it may seem, all too many companies do not hold to this.


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