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June 6, 2006

Using the Right Software

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There are hundreds upon hundreds of pieces of software out there, but not many are focused on telemarketing or sales. Those programs that are "CRM" (Customer Relations Management) software such as, Act!, Goldmine, or other similar products don't ever seem to meet the needs of a telemarketing company. Perhaps they don't have the ability to report on various campaigns (most I've found seem to only allow for a single product or do not separate reporting capabilities). Perhaps they don't allow for the separation of lead generators and sales staff. I've found the product that meets my needs as a telemarketing manager as well as the needs of my employees as telemarketers. A program called "TMS". I've partnered with them and am able to work with you to determine interest and answer questions. Read on for more information about the product or contact me by phone at 512 – 351 – 4921 or email with questions.

I took the top 10 reasons to use from their website because I felt it was very pertinent.

Top 10 Reasons to use TMS

  1. Ease of Use, very simple and friendly to configure and use – we're not just saying it, our Customers are. Non technical people can configure screens and user defined fields every aspect of TMS.
  2. Advanced Power Dialing which will dramatically increase efficiency and productivity of each agent.
  3. Additional Full featured Calling functionality Call Guides, Advanced Scripting, Advanced Appointment setting and full Sales Order Entry.
  4. Remote Agents Support, Agents can be anywhere and with a internet connection be monitored and supported
    • Editor's Note: This is very true. New Direction Marketing uses primarily virtual employees and TMS allows us to work with them remotely and audit them as necessary. Using existing technology such as UltraVNC, our support team can work to solve any problems remotely and TMS supports this capability for anything that we can not solve in house.
  5. Easily manage up to 999 databases from within the standard user interface
    • Editor's Note: How often have you tried to separate your campaigns, either for different products or specials, and been unable to do so? With this, we're able to support multiple clients seamlessly. We use one database per client and are able to limit our telemarketers access to ONLY those products that they are trained in and expected to call on. As they gain more experience, extra campaigns can be added on. You can even schedule times for your calls! From 9:00 – 12:00, call on one product and from 12:01 to 5:00, call on the other — automatically. Using the system, you can run reports to see what days, or even times!, are the most successful for your outbound contacts.
  6. Data cleaning functionality including de-duplicating, do-not-call number screening and telephone number cleaning.
  7. Management Reporting functionality and Real Time Agent Statistics is built-in to the TMS software and requires no technical knowledge
  8. Easy-to-use routines for importing (and exporting) customer and product data. With no limit to the size of data files
    • Editor's Note: Through our remote MySQL (see below) connection, we imported 1000 records in about 15 seconds.
  9. Large Database Support – either Microsoft SQL Server, or MySQL (which is free). You can handle large amounts of data and scale to large numbers of users.
    • Editor's Note: We remotely host our MySQL database at for a nominal monthly fee. The connection speed is amazing, a token to both TMS's capabilities and ISU's bandwidth.
  10. You will Never out grow TMS as you discover new features and we add them.

I've found the software to meet almost every need that I've had. It even works with Skype (as I mentioned here) as a power-dialer and allows you free long distance within the US from within the US while Skype's special offer exists (ending December 31, 2006).They are currently running a special for US based customers on their license pricing. Its a huge discount over their future price, so get a hold of them or me now!Please feel free to contact them directly or call / email me with questions. Please, just remember to let them know that New Direction Marketing referred you over! I'd love to answer any questions you might have! Drop me a line today.


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